My face when I think about going to the Combi show this weekend.I’d apologize for all of the sudden Combichrist spam but…… why?



My face when I think about going to the Combi show this weekend.

I’d apologize for all of the sudden Combichrist spam but…… why?



Your thinking of Laibon.  Those are the african descents of vampirism, and they have quite a few “sects” of them.  The Samedi, as far as i’ve researched, partake in the Caribbean and likewise locations.  So, there is that difference.  Plus, the Samedi are fairly intellectual, very much so taking after their purposed proprietors of progeny, ‘Clan’ Cappadocian, and their cerebral pursuits of death.  They are a relatively new bloodline, only dating a few hundred years old, and yet garner a decent amount of respect (if not by fear) for their Discipline of Thantosis.  This, mixed in with their usage of Fortitude and Obfuscate makes them very formidable assassins or bodyguards.  


lashablue asked: It wont let me send this from my vampire blog for some odd reason, but feel free if you want to debate the Cappadocian Samedi thing, even if it's just a tiny argument. I hadn't heard the Salubri origin before so I'm interested in that


Well, Cappadocians and Salubri’s were both part of the original 13 clans of Caine (well, technically the children of Caine (as they would be the 3rd generation, sired by the second)).  Cappadocians were diablerized by clan Giovanni (although some suspect it was all planned, as this was a clan that was BIG into death), and clan Salubri were diablerized by clan Tremere, hoping to gain some influence in the modern nights.  

But there are a lot of little intentional plot holes in the WoD to help players speculate their own connections, as this is supposedly a living world.  Now where i started this discussion with my dear friend, i didn’t think think that someone could tie Samedi’s to the Cappadocians, as i always painted them as an offshoot of clan Nosferatu, as per their weakness.  But their goals do lie within the Cappadocians (who, during their time, were the largest clan, PAR none).  If i involve Samedis in any of my campaigns, i generally leave their origins up to speculation, but after hearing his argument for the Samedi’s, i like the conceptual take that they are the spiritual successors of Clan Cappadocian (which is a misdemeanour, as they are resurging within Clan Giovanni, and during the Week of Nightmares the Harbingers of Skull came from the void) 

Its not so much to argue mindlessly, its just fans of a rich world comparing their respective knowledges of the world and trying to pin down facts.  And i happen to think the Tumblr community has a few good eggs among them for discussion.  

I always thought the Samedi were really similar to the old African vampire legend (that was basically a cave-dwelling, blood-drinking, zombie), so I hate comparing them to Nosferatu because they inexplicably strike me as a little more modern. I love to hear people’s various theories about origins that aren’t specified. 

In totally unrelated news, everything ever is fucking Julie and that bitch Brittney’s fault. Also, the struggle is real.